CVS Caremark App Reviews

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Works ok except the scan PERSCRIPTIONS doesnt work. EZ Refill finally works

Easy process

Refilling prescriptions is so easy with this app. Whether scanning or entering prescription number it was fast and can request an email confirmation. Great app!!

Not useful for me

As a retired person, I shop for drug costs. The function for checking drug costs does not work on my iPhone 6 and iPad Mini.


I cannot scan any scan code. The scan area is solid white and will not read the scan tag. When I try and refill by number, sometimes the RX number on the label is not recognized because it has more numbers than the actual refill number. I cant go to my history and get the RX number because most of it is blocked out. Very frustrating. Possibly the worst app I have. :(

Easy and simple to use! Thank you

Easy to use!

Super convenient

So much easier than calling or logging in online to refill- every member should have!

Almost heaven

Easy refill is the best thing since sliced bread


Does what it is supposed to and makes it easy

What happened?

What have you done to this app?? It used to be so useful. All my meds were listed and it said if they were near the time to be refilled. I dont see that any more. What is there does not seem useful to me at all. I am greatly disappointed.

Easy button!

First time using app. Makes refilling a prescription so easy!

Always Improving!

Easy even when your prescription refills have run out now!

So very simple

Best use of technology to help the Rx business.

Changes make it dangerous

There have been several recent changes, perhaps to the underlying website, that I feel are really bad and are actually dangerous to the patient. The first change is that when a prescription expires and needs to be renewed, all knowledge of that prescription is dropped it is not offered any more. At one time they would even offer to contact your physician for renewal; no longer. This makes it very easy to completely run out of a prescription medication. This is why I consider this change dangerous. The other change which I simply consider annoying, is despite marking prescriptions as inactive, it still offers those for renewals. This app is much less convenient than it once was.

Locator doesnt work

App says no valid pharmacy location within 50 miles (and I live in Charlotte) so I cant use it to price prescriptions. Worthless!

Couldnt change credit card

I had already activated a change to my credit card with a new expiration date. The system would not allow for changing the expiration date. Now I dont know if Ill receive my order. Other than that, it was easy to register and order.

Quick n easy

Just what the title says!

30 Seconds and Completed

This was incredibly easy. I will recommend it to anyone.

Wont accept photo of new script

Very frustrating... Ive tried multiple times to submit a photo of a new script and it wont except the photograph because it says the quality is poor. This is a brand-new iPhone with a great camera and the quality is not poor. Theres nothing wrong with the photograph. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Works...kind of

A bit clunky, scan works off and on

Nice update

Easy refills with Touch ID!

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